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Every week, there will be a either a some sort of game or event during club between are regular viewings, as well as some sort of event during some weekends. Check the schedule below for these planned events and deadlines.


April 9th: Anime Maker VX Ace game
April 16th: Officer nominations + info (prepare slides to explain officer positions)
April 23rd: Nominations round 2 + cosplay suggestion night
April 30th: Movie/cosplay night (maybe kara no kyoukai)
May 7th: Thinzar Trivia
May 14th: Officer Voting + speeches
May 21st: Taboo
May 28th: Officer Trivia
June 4th: Roffle


DRAMA: Twin Spica
SHOUJO: Skip Beat

*click series for discription



Cosplay Night
Dress-up in cosplay and join us as we vote for best of our club cosplay event!

Cosplay Suggestion Night
Want to cosplay, but stumped on who who want to dress as? Step right up and get suggestions from our members on which charater best fits you and your budget!

Game Night
We end out normal viewings for today as we present fighting, shooting, music, and party game galor at our game night!

Little Tokyo Trip
Our annual Spring trip, come with us as we travel to Little Tokyo in LA and explore the area, as well as have guide tours for those interested!

Movie Night
Our normal anime viewings are replaced this quarterly movie night, where we watch anime movies from Japan!

Our big end of quarter event, come and win stuff! Swag!

Trivia Night
Compete with others in our trivia contest and defend your title for champions trivia night at the end of each quarter!

Weekend Events
Various weekend events may be planned throughout the quarter, which can include hanging out at Round 1, having trips to hobby shops, and pot lucks!

Weekend Movie Night
A group trip where we head out to the local theater and check out the latest animated film from Japan!